MORENO Amandine

MORENO Amandine

PhD Student

Adress: UMR FARE, 2 esplanade Roland-Garros, BP 224, 51686 Reims 

Phone: +33 (0)3 26 77 36 92


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2023-2026 : PhD Student with the company Noveal – L’Oreal Group

2022-2023 (5 months) : Engineer, FARE Laboratory INRAE-URCA – Project Extrusive by Cenz

2022 (6 months) : R&D internship, Noveal – L’Oreal Group (France), New technologies pole – Development of an innovative process for vegetal feedstock valorization

2021-2022 (1.5 months) : Research internship, GMGM Laboratory CNRS Strasbourg - Characterization and preparation of genomic DNA from microbial strains isolated from clouds

2021 (4 months) : Research internship, Metgen Oy (Finland), Product application group – Development of enzymatic cocktails for pretreatment and saccharification of lignocellulosic biomass from the textile industry

2020 (2 months) : Internship, DOW France SAS (France), Quality Assurance Laboratory – Conformity analysis of acrylic emulsions and development of analytical methods


2019-2022 : ChemBiotech engineer (chemistry and biotechnology) – The Strasbourg School of Engineering in Biotechnology (ESBS) and the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials (ECPM), Strasbourg, France

2016-2019 : Bachelor's degree in life sciences, chemistry and biology - University of Strasbourg


Biotechnology, chemistry, enzymology, microbiology, fractionation of vegetal feedstock, plant extraction, chromatographic and spectroscopic analyses

Research interests

Enzymatic fractionation of various lignocellulosic biomasses and extraction of molecules of interest for cosmetic applications

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