PhD Student


FARE lab, INRAE, URCA, 2 esplanade Roland-Garros, 51100 Reims, France

AÏDA lab, CIRAD, 6 Lanark Road, Harare, Zimbabwe


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2022-today: Ph.D. student - laboratories : Mixed Research Unit FARE (URCA) / UR AïDA (CIRAD), France

2022: Fixed term contract as studies engineer at l’Institut polytechnique UniLaSalle, Beauvais, France

2020-2021: Fixed term contract at the Mixed Research Unit SAS (L’institut agro Rennes-Angers), Rennes, France

2020: Intern at the Mixed Research Unit AGIR (INRAE), Toulouse, France


2020: Master “Agricultural management and territories”, Université de Montpellier 3 & CIHEAM-IAMM, Montpellier, France

2019: Agronomy engineer speciality “plant production”, ENSA Algiers, Algeria


Soil, nitrogen cycle, cropping systems, agroecology, crop modeling, climate change

Research interests

Thesis topic: Impact of climate change on biomass production, recycling, and the use of nitrogen: a case study of maize-based systems under extreme rainfall events (CLIMAZOTE)

Extreme rainfall events (droughts or intense rainfall) are increasing in frequency and intensity with climate change, impacting agricultural yields and soils. This phD studies their effects on the production and recycling of plant biomass to the soil, and the nitrogen cycle (mineral nitrogen supply to crops, nitrogen losses). It combines experimental approaches in the field in Zimbabwe, in the laboratory in France, and modelling, and will study the case of maize, one of the most widely cultivated plants in the world.

Main publications

Kherif, O., Seghouani, M., Justes, E., Plaza-Bonilla, D., Bouhenache, A., Zemmouri, B., Dokukin, P., Latati, M. (2022) The first calibration and evaluation of the STICS soil-crop model on chickpea-based intercropping system under Mediterranean conditions. European Journal of Agronomy 133, 126449.

Kherif, O., Seghouani, M., Zemmouri, B., Bouhenache, A., Keskes, M.I., Yacer-Nazih, R., Ouaret, W., Latati, M. (2021) Understanding the Response of Wheat-Chickpea Intercropping to Nitrogen Fertilization Using Agro-Ecological Competitive Indices under Contrasting Pedoclimatic Conditions. Agronomy 11, 1225




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