Career :
2019 - 2023 : PhD at Institut-Agro Rennes-Angers - Angers
2023 - 2025 : Post-doc at INRAE UMR FARE - Reims

Education :
2012 - 2014 : Two-year University degree in Management and Protection of Nature - Périgueux
2014 - 2015 : One-year undergraduate intensive course in biology to prepare for nationwide competitive examination - Gennevilliers
2015 - 2018 : M. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering - Institut Polytechnique UniLasalle - Beauvais
2019 - 2023 : Ph. D. in Urban Ecology - Institut-Agro Rennes-Angers – Angers

Skills :
C stocks and greenhouse gas emission measurements, characterization of litter decomposition.

Research interests :
My research is part of the national SAGES project (Urban soils : quantification of greenhouse gas emissions and leaching losses, 2022-2025), which aims to assess and understand the carbon and nitrogen cycles in different urban green space types, with contrasting properties and managements. The aim of my post-doc is to characterize litter decomposition in urban green spaces, and to model C and N mineralization and GHG emissions. Thus, I'm measuring the decomposition of litter by urban green space soils under controlled conditions. The data obtained from these incubations will be used to develop a model able to simulate and predict litter mineralization as well as N2O emissions. This model will be adapted to specific urban soils and calibrated for ornamental species and species associations.

Teaching :
Since 2021 : 12 hours of practical work in soil science at ISTOM in Angers

Main publications :
Künnemann T, Cannavo P, Guérin V, Guénon R (2023) Soil CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes in open lawns, treed lawns and urban woodlands in Angers, France. Urban Ecosyst. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11252-023-01407-y
Künnemann T (2023) Sols urbains et séquestration du carbone. In: Agir pour les sols urbains: des sols fonctionnels pour la nature en ville. Plante & cité, Angers
Künnemann T, Guérin V, Guénon R, Cannavo P (2023) Shading effect from trees reduces soil respiration in urban lawns. Acta Hortic 181–188. https://doi.org/10.17660/ActaHortic.2023.1374.23
Viaud V, Kunnemann T (2021) Additional soil organic carbon stocks in hedgerows in crop-livestock areas of western France. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 305:107174. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agee.2020.107174

PhD thesis supervisor

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