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Adress : UMR FARE, 2 esplanade Roland-Garros, BP 224, 51686 Reims cedex 2

 Tél : +33 (0)3 26 77 35 95

 Fax : +33 (0)3 26 77 35 99

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1988-1991 : chemical analysis leader (Joker, Mâcon)

1995- : Research Engineer (INRA,  Reims)




1986 : Master 1 Biochimie (Lille I)

1987 : Master 2 : Sciences des Aliments (ENSBANA, Dijon)

1991-1994 : PhD CIFRE (France-Luzerne, Châlons en Champagne) : Purification and  characterizations of physicochemical and functional properties of soluble foliar proteins of alfalfa




Research topics:

• Studies of interactions between macromolecules of plant cell walls

• Development of biomimetic assemblies of plant cell wall from cellulose nanocristals

• Structure and Properties of biopolymers at interfaces (fluid, solid) - Applications: proteins, macromolecules of Champagne, lignins,…


Technical skills:

  • Langmuir-Blodgett, Spin-coating, casting

• Spectroscopic ellipsometry; Ellipsometric microscopy; Surface Plasmon Resonance,  spectroscopies (UV/Visible/IR), Tensiometry (bubble, Wilhelmy plate, contact angle); Neutron Reflectivities;

• Biochemical analyzis (FPLC, electrophoresis,…)



Research interests

Studies and valorization of biomimetic plant cell wall assemblies from cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignins at molecular, nanometric and micrometric scales, leading to understand cohesion and accessibility of the lignocellulosic walls by destructurant agents (enzymes,…)


Main recent publications

Hambardzumyan, A., M. Molinari, N. Dumelie, L. Foulon, A. Habrant, B. Chabbert and V. Aguie-Béghin (2011). "Structure and optical properties of plant cell wall bio-inspired materials: Cellulose-lignin multilayer nanocomposites." Comptes Rendus Académie des Sciences Section Biologie 334 (11): 839-50.

Hambardzumyan, A., L. Foulon, B. Chabbert and V. Aguie-Béghin (2012). "Natural Organic UV-Absorbent Coatings Based on Cellulose and Lignin: Designed Effects on Spectroscopic Properties." Biomacromolecules 13 (12): 4081-4088.

Zeder-Lutz, G., S. Renau-Ferrer, V. Aguie-Béghin, H. Rakotoarivonina, B. Chabbert, D. Altschuh and C. Rémond (2013). "Novel surface-based methodologies for investigating GH11 xylanase-lignin derivative interactions." Analyst 138 (22): 6889-6899.

Keplinger, T., J. Konnerth, V. Aguié-Béghin, M. Ruggeberg, N. Gierlinger and I. Burgert (2014). "A zoom into the nanoscale texture of secondary cell walls." Plant Methods 10 (1).

Aguié-Béghin V., Foulon L., Soto P., Crônier D. Corti E.,  Legée F., Cézard L., Chabbert B., Maillard M.N. Huijgen, W.J.J. and Baumberger S. (2015) Use of food and packaging model matrices to investigate the antioxidant properties of biorefinery grass lignins. JAFC 63:10022-10031

Hambardzumyan, A, L. Foulon, NB Bercu, M. Pernes, JE Maigret, M. Molinari, B Chabbert, and V. Aguié-Béghin. (2015) Organosolv lignin as natural grafting additive to improve the water resistance of films using cellulose nanocrystals. Chemical Engineering Journal  264:780–788.

Aguié-Béghin, V., A. Hambardzumyan, B. Chabbert and L. Foulon (2011). Films transparents et absorbeurs d’UV. Brevet déposé en France par l’Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA) et l'Université Champagne Ardennes (URCA), n° 11 54299. 17/05/2011.

Aguié-Béghin, V., G. Paës, M. Molinari and B. Chabbert (2016).Films and Coatings from Lignocellulosic Polymers. In: Edible Films and Coatings: Fundamentals and Applications, M.P.Montero, M.C. Gomez-Guillen, M.E. Lopez-Caballero and G.V. Barbosa-Canovas, eds. CRC in Press.



PhD Co-Supervisor

2000-2003 : P. Sausse. Effects of polyphenol compounds on structure and properties of b-casein layer in hydroalcoholic solution.

2004-2007 :K. Abou Saleh. Characterization of the champagne bubble collar : relations between the optical properties of the adsorption layer, bubble stability and collar extend.

2010-2014: L. Muraille. Physico-chemical behavior of parietal polymers on a supramolecular scale in an assembly biomimetic of plant cell- wall: application to native fiber.

2015-2017: S. Fatahiyah Mohamad. Grafting polymerization of NIPAm on cellulose nanocrystals by radiation.

2016-2020 : E. Pinloche. Oxydation of lignocelluloses by radical oxygen species: chem. and enz. Pathways


Other activities


Quality assurance manager of UMR FARE 614 according to the “Referentiel INRA”.

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